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strategic planning

It’s All About Strategy

More times than not, what organizations call “strategic plans” are actually business plans or two to three year rolling plans that guide budget allocations. We often see strategic plans that not only do not provide adequate focus, but are designed to ensure the completion of activities, rather than to achieve specific outcomes and results. E4 is working to change that.

It Starts with Strategic Thinking and Strategy

Don’t set out to “develop a strategic plan.” At E4, we emphasize the need to think in terms of strategic thinking, strategy and strategic positioning. Developing a strategic plan is not the first step; being able to articulate your organization’s strategy succinctly and clearly is the starting point.
E4’s process is designed to ask the right questions in the right order, ensuring that the outcome, a strategic plan, is the result of innovative thinking, challenging the status quo, and articulating a clear organizational strategy.

The Model: Clear, Simple, Powerful

E4’s model for strategic planning includes three primary components. These are: strategic focus areas; strategic priorities; and success indicators.


A critical part of E4’s strategic planning process is assisting clients with integrating their strategic plan into day-to-day business. The goal is to execute articulated strategy and the accompanying strategic plan, so there is no gap between what your organization wants to achieve and your ability to achieve it.