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E4 evolves their clients’ thinking and actions to position them for unprecedented success.  E4 has provided management consulting in both the private and public sectors across 35 U.S. States for over 25 years.  The firm specializes in strategic mindsets, healthy organizational behavior, business modeling, strategic planning and strategic implementation.

E4 designed and employs a highly effective methodology to increase a client’s ability to be adaptive and well-positioned for long-term, sustainable success.  Our Envisioned Future Model creatively moves a client through the following sequenced stages;

  1. Organizational Behavior,
  2. Organizational DNA,
  3. Business Modeling,
  4. Strategic Planning,
  5. Change Management and
  6. Operational Performance Management.

The outcome is a Strategic Blueprint which presents the critical focus areas, priorities and strategies to be executed by the organization in order to achieve its Envisioned Future.

The firm has developed a distinguished reputation for quickly discerning and addressing cultural and organizational misalignment.  Subsequently, E4 is often engaged to manage complex scenarios to foster fresh, game-changing perspectives.

E4 infuses accountability, authenticity, self-awareness and a culture of collaboration into each uniquely tailored engagement.

Lois Dostalik

Founder and Chief Strategist

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Lois founded E4 Strategic Consultancy 25 years ago because she is passionate about strategy and innovation.  The original intent was to develop a small, extremely well-respected boutique consultancy to assist businesses and organizations with strategy and the critical elements associated with both developing and executing strategy.  During the last 25 years, Lois has continued to refine E4’s methods in order to evolve with businesses and the marketplace.

Working with hundreds of clients from a myriad of industries throughout the United States, Lois has developed numerous strategic, organizational, leadership, and governance models to meet the needs of clients.  Several of these models have been implemented in government agencies, national associations, and industry groups. Lois has served as a key note speaker at various conventions and events discussing the criticality of strategy and culture and their evolving role throughout business and organizations.

Lois has established a reputation for very impactful facilitation skills; synthesizing data, information and inputs into meaningful outcomes. She has the ability to assist groups in thinking strategically and addressing the elephants in the room.

A current primary responsibility of Lois’ is to ensure that E4 is has the best possible talent and that the firm is constantly introducing new and cutting edge philosophies, findings and research to its clients.

In addition to her love of the arts and business innovation, Lois is fascinated by neuroscience research which reveals how the design of environments can build strategic habits which ultimately and positively influence achievement.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nin

Lois believes the same is true of organizations.