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Strategic Facilitation

The business environment today affords much less time for organizations to understand and address the issues that are preventing them from achieving their best performance. E4 has designed a process that generates well-designed conversations to address overlooked issues, elevate thought, and get immediate results. We call it Strategic Facilitation because every discussion is designed with a strategic focus and mindset.

It all begins with rigorous research: a deep dive into an organization’s industry supported by a bank of questions that generate matchless insights into culture and stakeholder concerns from the 1-to-1 interviews and the surveys we conduct before we gather. Using highly interactive techniques adjusted just in time for the specific needs of each gathering, E4 energizes fearless problem-solving and ideation.

Whether to kick start a much longer Envisioned Future process, to provide the backbone of a cultural assessment, or to ignite a new creative direction, strategic facilitation provides organizations with an accelerated process for unleashing their best thinking about what matters most. Some recent examples of our work include:

  • Refreshing the relationship between a venture capital firm and a hospital network (PA)
  • Rethinking governance based on a team model (OH)
  • Developing a business model for the medical marijuana industry (PA)
  • Developing a new lexicon for organizations that work with seniors, aging adults, etc. (PA)
  • Rethink long-term care based on a social-impact model (VA)

With Strategic Facilitation, we help organizations have the conversations they need to have about the things most impacting their ability to be successful.