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Client Comments

“Once again, you have outdone yourself. The strategic discussion was EXACTLY what was needed. Thank you.”
– Jeff Kenderdine
President/CEO, Lancaster Family YMCA, PA

“I really want to thank you for opening our eyes in such a painless and direct manner. Your discussion with us was a jolt into reality while at the same time allowing us to painlessly embrace new ideas because they were “best practices.” We already have five recommended changes to the bylaws to be discussed at the next Board meeting.”
-Linda Madara
Chair of the Board of Directors, The Acorn Club, Philadelphia, PA

“E4 very effectively engages all stakeholders in the strategic planning process. Lois has a way of fully engaging everyone in a way that is meaningful for the various groups.”
– Rob Wallace
Executive Director, Canterbury Woods, Buffalo, New York

“We selected E4 (for strategic planning) because of their high competency level and positive reputation. And we were not disappointed.”
– Jim Saxton, Esq.
Chair of the Board of Directors, Lancaster Family YMCA Foundation, PA

“Strategic Planning is E4’s forte. This is the thing they do best. They were able to take so much input from so many different places and people. Then, they helped us write a new mission, core purpose, strategic priorities. They took issues and synthesized them and enabled us to decide where we were heading. The staff really felt that they had a say in writing the plan and that hadn’t happened before.”
– Sue Landes
Executive Director, Lancaster Recreation Commission, PA

“The greatest outcome is that we really have a definitive track that is now common ground for our Board and leadership team. We are all on the same page. We know every moment of implementing won’t be perfect, but everything is clearly communicated and we all buy in. Before this process, that was not the case.”
– Naomi Prendergast
CEO & Administrator, D’Youville Senior Care, Lowell, MA

“E4 is tenacious; they do what they say they will do. They are extremely focused at getting to the end result and they kept us focused. They made sure we achieved what we set out to achieve; it wasn’t rhetoric or talk.”
– Jane Forth
President/CEO, Bucks County Association of REALTORS®, PA

“With other consultants, you get a canned approach. We never felt that way with E4. E4 is willing and able to suddenly take a different tack. They also have good research specific to what you are doing. They are more personalized and customized. Lois is excellent at engaging everyone in the conversation and then synthesizing that into something you can move forward on.”
– Randy Patterson
Representative, Lancaster City Tourism Council, PA